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Tyght remained conscious through every horrifying moment. When the ship broke in two his half quickly disintegrated. He was thrown into the water and, after about 30 seconds of trying to stay afloat, he was dragged under.

He found himself wanting to gasp for air, but had to fight the reflex to open his mouth to avoid swallowing any water. But it took several minutes to reach the bottom, and he was amazed that he was fully aware of everything around him and hadn’t passed out, although the strain of holding his breath was taking its toll.

However, he was only on the bottom of the sea bed for a few seconds before he was engulfed in a blue light, and slowly began to sink through the ground. It wasn’t that the ground was moving out of the way to make room for his body to pass through – he was moving through solid rock, a process that proved to be extremely painful. As well as fighting the natural urge to breath, he had to fight the natural urge to cry out. If trying to take a breath whilst underwater drowned you, he dreaded to think what trying to take a breath whilst passing through solid rock did to you.

This process went on for a few more minutes. He had the sensation that he wasn't just going downwards, but was also moving towards the left. Eventually he felt his feet break through into an open space, and soon the rest of his body followed.

He was passing through the roof of a cave, and once the whole of his body had passed through he fell to the ground with a thump. But he barely felt the pain of the fall as he took relief in being able to breathe once more.

Even though it was pitch black in this cave, and he somehow knew it was pitch black, he could still make out his surroundings, although to his eyes everything had a green tint to it.

He could see that he was at the end of a tunnel. There was little point in wasting time, and so he started walking in the one direction that was available to him. He only had one thought on his mind – find the Water Crystal. He could sense that it was somewhere in this underground, undersea, cave network.

After a few minutes he heard some scuttling somewhere up ahead. He somehow knew instantly that they were giant crabs. He immediately held his staff vertically in front of him with both hands. As he came upon the crabs their only reaction to him was to move out of the way to let him pass. Once he had passed by they continued acting as though they hadn’t seen him.

Before long he found himself in a large cavern, with three other paths coming off of it. There were some rocks in the centre of the cavern, and he felt that the Water Crystal was somewhere underneath them. He climbed these rocks to see if there was a way to get through. But once he was at the top he felt a strong urge to hit the centre of the large rock that he was now standing on with his staff.

He did so, and immediately the ground he was standing on fell away, as though it weren’t rock at all, but a trap door of some kind. He started to fall, but not quickly. He got the sensation that he was floating down like a feather.

Underneath the cavern was an even larger cavern. His eyesight returned to normal, and he could see that the walls of this cavern were covered in some sort of shiny blue material. Far below him he could see a highly polished floor, with some streams flowing besides it, with the floor forming a geometric pattern with the streams. He could see no discernible entrances to this cavern, but in the centre, shining a cool blue light, is what was unmistakably the Water Crystal.

As he landed gently on the ground he heard the voice of the figure in his mind, “Good, the others are not here. We can take the power of this Crystal for ourselves.”

What do you mean, “For ourselves”? Aren’t we meant to be doing this for the good of the world?

“Yes, we are. But the others also feel that what they are doing under Lisa’s guidance is also for the good of the world. However, what they are doing will only bring about a temporary peace to the world. Once we have the power of all four Crystals, and fought the war to end all wars, we will bring about a permanent peace. And we will need the power of all four Crystals, including the power of the Fire Crystal that currently resides in Gaian’s sword, but we will come to that in due course.”

What do you mean? How will we take the power from his sword?

“We may have to fight him later, but, do not fear, with me in your bones, in your muscles, he will fall easily.”

No... We can’t fight him. I’m sure he wants an eternal peace as much as we do. If you’d let me tell the others about you, I’m sure we can get them to agree to our plans...

“NO!!! DO NOT CHALLENGE ME!!! They can never know about me! If they find out, then Lisa will find out, and she will put a stop to the plan. Oh, I’m sure they will succeed in their plan, but then it will only be a matter of time before another threat rises to threaten the world once again and then we’ll be right back where we started! No, you must have faith in me Tyght! You must do exactly what I tell you to do, and do not falter! Remember, whilst I have made you strong and powerful, I can also take that strength and power away from you! I have waited for too long to put this plan into action! I won’t let your wavering conscious get in the way of it! Do you understand?!”


“Then approach the Crystal.”

Tyght slowly walked up to the Crystal. But as he got closer to it he found it more and more difficult to walk. There was an invisible force working against him, and eventually he couldn’t move any further.

What is this force?

A second, softer voice appeared in his mind, “Warrior of Light, why do you come alone?”

Tyght answered out loud, “We were separated when our ship broke apart. I was somehow able to find my way here. Please allow me to restore the balance to your mighty power.”

“No, it can not be done by one person alone. Return to the cavern above and seek your companions. You were all brought here safely. Only when all four Warriors of Light are present can the balance be restored.”

There was a flash of light, and in an instant Tyght found himself back in the cavern with the four paths, with the rocks in the centre exactly as they were before he had hit them with his staff.

“Quickly!” said the figure, “Go back and hit the rock with your staff again!”

But the Crystal said I can’t restore the balance alone, I have to find –

“What did I say earlier? You must do exactly as I tell you! Never mind what the Crystal says! We’ll fight the very Crystals themselves if we have to!”

Tyght was now feeling afraid. He felt as though he was being pulled in two different directions. But the voice of the figure was currently closer in his mind, and he decided that he had to obey it. He went back and climbed the rocks. Once at the top he hit them with his staff, but this time nothing happened.

“Again, do it again! This time I will channel all of our energy into it!”

Tyght obeyed. This time, as soon as he hit the rock, he fell to the ground, suddenly feeling exhausted in an instant.


It looks like we’ll have to go and look for the others after all.

The figure was silent for a moment, but then said, “Very well then, if that is the only way that we can reach the Crystal again, so be it!”

Which way shall I go?

Tyght waited for an answer, but the figure had fallen silent. He was on his own once more.

He decided that the tunnel to his right was as good as any other, and so he proceeded to walk down it. The green tint returned to his vision – the figure hadn’t completely left him alone.

After about ten minutes he could see that the path up ahead was blocked by a gigantic crab – a giant beast! He drew out his staff to prepare to fight it, but no sooner then he was ready to strike the first blow he heard a cry of “FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” There was an almighty explosion, and rocks started to fall all around him. And, suddenly, everything went black.

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